Jennifer Champagne

*Certified Personal Trainer
*Certified Group Fitness Instructor
*Certified Boxing Instructor
*Suples Ltd. Certified Bulgarian Bag Instructor
*Certified Silver Sneakers Instructor
*Professional Member of the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association)
*CPR & AED Certified through American Heart Association

As a Personal Trainer I am fully committed to all of my clients, and I take their desire to live a strong & healthy life very seriously. Not only will you work hard, I will work hard to help you achieve your fitness goals! Areas of expertise as a Personal Trainer include: Exercise Technique, Strength Training with free weights, & HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). As a fitness professional, I make it a priority to continuously educate myself in my field. It is my belief that I should also educate and empower each of my clients during training sessions to ensure that my clients have the strength, knowledge and confidence to continue to train on their own. I truly believe that Investing in your health is extremely important and very rewarding! As a Certified Group Fitness Instructor I’m usually teaching several classes per week, and I absolutely love teaching group fitness! Over the years, I’ve taught several different styles of group fitness classes that include Strength Training (using various free weights), Boot Camp, HIIT, Functional Training, Cardio Kickboxing, Circuit Training, Water Aerobics & Silver Sneakers. I’ve also created my own specialty classes like Bottoms-up (focuses on lower body/glutes & core strengthening), 360 Fit (a class designed for variety; incorporates strength training, circuit training, HIIT and cardio kickboxing). Whether I’m Personal Training clients or teaching a Group Fitness class, I always work hard to give you a safe, effective, challenging but fun workout that’s geared toward you reaching and exceeding your fitness goals! I have a real passion for health and fitness, and I’m eager to positively motivate others into reaching their fitness goals! I believe in feeling good about yourself in both mind and body, and I truly enjoy igniting that passion for fitness in all of my clients. I find it most rewarding when I can help those individuals who do not have much exercise experience, or have just started their fitness journey, realize their strengths and overcome any insecurities they may have had about beginning an exercise program.